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Dr. Amit Deokule

Founder (SoulOmkar), Executive Leadership Coach / Life Coach/NLP Certified & Emotional Intelligence Practitioner/Master Spirit Life Coach/Member of World Constitution and Parliament Association, U.S.A. and Volunteer of International Human Rights Commission, Czech Republic. Got Nominated for Padmashree in 2023 and Nobel Peace Prize, too which is the most prestigious global award!

Dr. Amit Deokule is a certified Executive Leadership coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching(MGSCC). He was a scholarship recipient for 2017 at MGSCC. Dr. Amit Deokule is an approved International Coach (Certified Life Balance and Master Spirit Life Coach), affiliated to Certified Coach Alliance Group, Canada. He completed these certifications from the Symbiosis Coaching Institute in USA. He is NLP Certified and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, too. He is a versatile artist comprising of Singer, Poet/Writer, Composer and Tabla Player. He is a Finance Professional( having more than 15 years of experience in the Service Sector Organizations. He has been the recipient of many awards so far and presented many research papers till date . LET SOULOMKAR CONNECT WITH YOU ALL, being YOU AS UNIQUE ENTITIES ON THIS PLANET! Got nominated for Indian Government's prestigious award Padmashree in 2023 and Nobel Peace Prize, too which is the most prestigious global award! 

 Why Soulomkar

A place to share Goals and Dreams with open heart to awaken self hidden potential by observing the dynamic horizon. Soul Omkar shows its presence diligently.

"Specialty Niche - Add a value to other's life being Personal Management and Inspirational Coach, Behavioral/Leadership Coach for Corporate Professionals/Entrepreneurs to aim and attain the Goal individually and for the benefit of the organization."

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I have been a proud member of BNI (Business Networking International) - a business group where successful entrepreneurs come together to generate business together for each other. "GIVER'S GAIN" is the philosophy of BNI. I was a president of one of the chapters in Pune East Region for 15 months which is appreciating as per BNI protocol.

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"The sessions were eye opening and nice. Approach of Amit is very polite, calm and enthusiastic. Amit has a deep knowledge of life and hence he can deliver good results in people's lives. I got a clear guideline for further life and could resolve many mistakes which were made in due course. He has developed a very good questionnaire from which we get a real pinch point of life which is easy to solve."


—  Sandeep Nashikkar, Vice President, Vastu Raviraj

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