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LIFE Balance Coaching

Being a life balance coach the sessions get conducted in three categories:

1. For  Individuals where business owners, professionals, students and homemakers come in the picture.

2. For institutions... faculty development programs and coaching programs for students in schools/colleges.

3. For organizations- Focus is on small and medium sector companies.

Generally for life balance coaching assignments the period is of 3 months where 12 sessions of 1 hour each are conducted. Every session is based upon hourly structure and charges are determined according to the requirements and size of the batch of people from organization or institution. For coaching assignments generally I enter into Agreement with any party where the clauses get included as per the ethics and standards of coaching.

My methodology of coaching is based upon co-creative relationship with the coachee where different question banks, games and exercises are used to cultivate subjective importance. Life coaching is not a therapy but it is a mindful journey along with the coachee to take him/her or group to the destination which gets decided by the relevant parties before hand.

EXECUTIVE Leadership Coaching

Being an executive leadership coach my focus is on companies where through a coach and leader relationship the leader will work on his/her improvement areas by seeking suggestions from his/her stakeholders/employees. The program gets run for a year where assessment is done in depth by working with the leader of the organization. In executive leadership coaching, several leadership competencies are being worked upon with the leader which have global recognition and ultimately 360 degree assessment is done for them.


Being a musician, I indulge myself as a singer and composer in different studio recordings. I also perform in various groups for singing programs. I also carry out my own programs with different innovative concepts based upon my poetic manifestations.

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