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Skill to integrate it in daily professional environment mainly in small sector org

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well!


Skill- This word has a greater meaning in our life at every step but realization of this in reality comes at a latter stage where it becomes challenging to work on the same. In the word Skill there is "KILL" and actually it is like Stop Killing your Self by developing Skill! If we will work on ourselves then it will be like "Seldom but Sumptuous... Karmic... Igniting... Latent Awakening... Long Lasting!"

But to establish an urge to give priority to SKILL DEVELOPMENT is not very serious and is a crucial job to fit into the time management in every organization. I strongly feel that Skill Development should be added as one of the elements in appraisal process especially in KRAs! But alas, this inclusion is not getting sufficed with the right perspective. So to make it at a constant pace, what steps small organizations can take? OR how to integrate it in daily professional environment in small sector organizations? In small sector it becomes questionable as to how one stakeholder can groom himself/herself to develop his or her life skills or soft skills as either companies can not invest much in this activity or they ignore this fact or they can't allocate time for the same. But gradually the tradition of at least having such kind of grooming has become a necessity which people are realizing ...! However inconsistency is a practical problem or a an excuse for not following it. But then after giving a thought I arrived at a conclusion that we can integrate this activity on a daily basis!

1. At the time of interview take some healthy promises by having core value as Skill Development- When any interview will be scheduled, the HR person or business owner will inform about this activity predominantly by taking sufficient time so that the respective employee will be rest assured that Skill Development will give him or her something unique. This will surely be a motivation for the employees while joining. 2. Include Skill Development in Appraisal process and define it as one of the KRAs- Appraisal for any small organization is always very critical but if organizations will add this as a separate element of KRA, it will help organizations in retaining their employees and making them sustainable. It will increase employees' consciousness while working and casual approach will be vanished over a period of time in small organizations. 3. Schedule 1 or 2 hours depending upon the severity of main stream organizational commitments for Skill Development grooming of stakeholders and business owner himself/herself- Continuous grooming by way of effective time management and seeing to it that Skill development occurs smoothly will prove to be a stepping stone for all small organizations to increase productivity and revenue. This should play an integral role for them and they should plan this training cost every year while defining budget. 4. Incorporating value of commitment and discipline as core values for the growth of the organization continuously-Commitment and Discipline are the two key values of industry or every stream where if these will not be shown/portrayed/exhibited then everything else will be in vein. Many times, organizations incorporate these values but do not follow them and mainly stakeholders do not follow them as these values remain on the page and ultimately the impact reaches to everyone working in the organization adversely. So if Commitment and Discipline will be embedded constantly and if it will be made as a habit then overall scenario will surely flare up. Otherwise we all know how start up ventures have been established by many but thousands of ventures have been collapsed because of lack of having skill development approach! 5. Self Review as a process and customizing Skill part in their main system or process- While defining SOPs organizations generally do not focus on self review processes or even Skill Development does not get included in the system as one of the major motives. Due to this, subtle way of handling every activity and even quality as a major emphasis will not be justified. Hence to remain in the competition, small organizations would require to make this as a part of process/system.

In the above aspects, the moral of the organization will be kept active by business owner by involving himself/herself in the process of SKILL DEVELOPMENT!

So all star professionals, come on...gear up, cheer up and take a grip in imbibing this SKILL DEVELOPMENT Approach like a habit in your organization! Coming years and global outlook will surely be challenging....will take their own toll if Skill Development approach will not be cultivated. We need the human being but we do not want workaholic in organizations who will just nod the head to work in the most common ways which we have already adopted as a conventional working style. Skill development approach will surely carve out innovative look out in the mind of every stakeholder working in a  small organization. Generally it has become a organic process to look at small companies as stepping stones but one should think like how can this small will be made bigger in coming days and only skill development approach will help every organization to grab the opportunity to become bigger. AND mind well, is it the responsibility of every organization to spread the word about skill development or is it the vital & moral duty of every person to determine to develop skills in himself/herself?

Think about it....! Global revolution then is not far off, Right????

Skillful Salute to all,

Regards, Amit Deokule Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach Global member of CCA, Canada Executive Leadership Coach Member of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Coaching M.Com/Musician(Singer,Tabla Player,Composer and Poet)

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