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As a NLP Practitioner what are those five aspects which matter a lot to improve mindfulness?

Dear All,

For last many years I have been working as a Life Balance Coach and it is being seen that maintaining mindfulness is a challenge now a days. As a coach I was realizing this fact but after doing NLP practitioner's certification, I started realizing a bit of more so far as mindfulness is concerned!

Mindfulness is like a car or any vehicle where  it will get maintained if you will have proper psyche to take care of the same and if you will safeguard your own interest to preserve it! Similarly we have lot of things in our life to relate to because Mind is a complex structure of every person where it is very challenging to cope up with the same. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a huge mind game of variety of aspects where this tool can help people in balancing two sides of mindfulness.

After I started thinking as a NLP practitioner, I realized one thing and i.e. if we will consider Mindfulness as our focus in life and everything getting revolved around the same, things would be easier. And that is why there are five aspects which according to me are equally important while growing in life with mindfulness!

1. Cleansing of negative thoughts continuously as if it is a habit of everyday activity

2. Introspection as a process of everyday since it will release bad energy and positive energy will be filled in

3. Taking in stride every disturbing incident as if it is a part and parcel of learning and process of karmic effects which keep popping up at every step of life

4. Focusing on future with determined efforts irrespective of hurdles, stumbling blocks which keep bothering you as per your karma

5. Live in the present moment with whatever we have and with full acceptance keep on living and leading with proper strategy

In other terms in one or two words I would enumerate the above mentioned facts in this manner-

1. Cleansing

2. Introspection

3. Learning

4. Focused approach

5. Present moment

To sum up how NLP can be defined as far as mindfulness is concerned-

  1. NLP is a way of life! It is like you start writing a code and then it traverses you through the whole natural systematized process of mindfulness.

  2. NLP is an introspective journey where the person absolutely learns all external strategies to coincide with inner core! So it is like filtration process alike all 7 chakras of our body!

  3. NLP is like nature's pride where every beautiful or ugly has equal importance as if two sides of one coin and by looking at an ugly side....gradually one starts enjoying the beauty of the nature quite naturally!

  4. NLP is like imagination getting converted into reality where acceptance to everything lively and developing a habit of a visionary have been given a genuine importance!

  5. NLP is the journey from Innocence to Innocence irrespective of the age because that is how it will show the person the way of life!

  6. NLP is an invisible music of mindfulness. It is an aesthetic of rhythm and melody of mind to have a balance in sync! Maintaining the crescendo of each tune is what NLP teaches us!

So friends/colleagues/clients/well-wishers are we ready to absorb the above concepts, digest them and take appropriate actions which will improve your life to the fullest! We do not want to be perfectionist but we want to be like perfectionists, right?

Thanks and Regards, Amit Deokule Life Balance Coach Master Spirit Life Coach Executive Leadership Coach Certified NLP Practitioner International affiliations Musician- Tabla Player, Singer, Composer, Poet, Writer

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