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Being Genuine requires courage! Five ways to work on genuineness in professional world- Isn't it exc

One day while relaxing in leisure time, I pronounced the word "Genuine" and I realized that I had to take efforts in pronouncing since the word seemed challenging within itself! There can be just a lip movement while pronouncing this word but it comes from within subtly which I strongly felt!

It made me think of many professional and even personal incidences from the past! When integrity is much talked about; what makes sense is your genuineness to act! It gave me lot of flashes from the professional world predominantly because in the professional world it has started taking grip mainly after pandemic! It does not mean that it was not the case earlier but currently the state of genuineness is making lot of importance at every step because we have many challenges to cope up with! I feel high competition and comparison are one of those impactful concepts reflecting genuineness and this is becoming a difficult stage to achieve! Based on my empirical experience as a coach after handling many individual assignments of professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry so far, I have come up with the following five aspects to work on our genuineness. I totally admit here that genuineness is a state which directly co-relates with our behavioral pattern but since skill development matters most now a days genuine approach will play an integral part in everyone's professional life as per my perception! The following aspects which I am enumerating here are as per my opinion after meeting variety of professionals/entrepreneurs so far-

1. Transparency- Many times we experience small hiccups while working on some tasks in an organization or even in our daily life. These small hiccups can make the situation severe if we do not pay attention at every step of the action we are taking or the task we are performing. And hence I feel transparency at every step will prove one's genuine approach to work on the task or the action one is taking while performing! Being transparent is like clean and pure water! If we will have transparency then all the processes will be refined and even will be kept lively retrospectively!

2. Consistency- While working in professional or personal life we focus on many aspects but then at times we continue to have a laid back approach or little lethargy or aimlessness due to which the state of consistency is lacked and it is essential factor in everyone's life. Temporary realization does not work for us where several breakages create lot of gap in between and it also develops inconsistent progressive path! Consistency is like the superlative nature which perceives all calamities as they come but revival is the mantra constantly for the nature. I would emphasize on having rejuvenation in such a scenario to keep consistency alive!

3. Appropriate Communication- In leadership era, what is the most common but a global phenomena or a skill to work upon? It is nothing but communication. Clear and healthy communication is challenging where many times several gaps remain. However if we are absolutely lucid in our thoughtful communicative process at every step, it signifies our genuineness. Here I feel majorly intention will keep on popping up. It will have to be clear in every action that we take.

4. Introspection at a constant pace- Our life has become very stressful these days and after pandemic I think overall way of life has changed drastically and in such a scenario what will put an impression; is nothing but an Introspection after specific time interval! Many times we do not take time to relax and introspect about several occurrences which keep happening in our life! However sparing time additionally for this will make our life more meaningful because in turn it will reflect our genuineness because based on our introspection, re-verifications, corrections, re-assessments improvisation can be done more efficiently and constructively. Improvement is a bliss for one's uninterrupted life process.

5. Practicing human values- In my coaching journey I had came across one institution in India which is rigorously working on human values these days. I had an opportunity to present my two research papers in this institution's national and international conference where several people had researched on human values and after listening to them in the conference and even after working with several individuals through my coaching assignments I realized that practicing human values is one of those precious elements for portraying genuineness in the professional or even personal world. Increase in crimes, revengeful approach of people have been making people's lives miserable currently and hence to depict genuine approach by sticking to pure human values will always reinstate our life situation.

At the outset to conclude with I want to reiterate the same thing as mentioned once again and i.e. Being genuine requires courage and it can be a way of life. In leadership establishment genuineness plays a vital role but adhering to the above five ways to work on genuineness will keep the state lively and refreshing where one's action or intention to do something will enhance the originality of everyone of us, right?

Best wishes to all and a genuine salute to all! Thank you!

Amit Deokule

Life Balance and Executive Leadership Coach

Master Spirit Life Coach

NLP Certified Practitioner/Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

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