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Experiential Artistic Leadership and its modalities/consequences

Hello All Fantastic Professionals,


Hope you all are doing fine and considering Covid-19 as the remedial measure to resurrect your overall vision towards individual life and individuality, you all are prepared! 

Leadership is actually a completeness within itself if we will take it in stride the same concept likewise! Or otherwise it is just a concept for all to carry out in their professional or personal life while performing their respective duties as a part of deliberate system or process!

Some of us will agree to the above statements I have made!

Why do we smile? :-) Because it is our inner core need of life as a matter of quality of expression without which we can not live and our life will be merely hale, right?

It is a natural response which acts like a gratitude for our own life where our life moves ahead due to this ultimate strength! Similarly there are few concepts which feed our personality with lot of action oriented knowledge and on the top I think it is nothing but LEADERSHIP! In such scenario how can we make this concept as an integral part of our life? I want to repeat here once again alike my earlier blogs....We are truly born leaders as after cutting the umbilical chord while taking birth from Mother's womb, the act itself depicts the starting point of leadership in the outside world although it is at a raw level! There are lot of different types of leadership which have been enumerated but I just want to talk about Experiential Artistic Leadership today!

The things could have been covered pertaining to this... earlier but what I want to cover is little different! What is that different?

Just imagine if we will start thinking about greater personalities like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mr & Mrs Narayanamurthy, Ratan Tata, Sachin Tendulkar, Akshay Kumar, Hon. Prime Minister Narendraji Modi where the way they have initiated their leadership perspective ahead for their and others' life where distinctively what they have done additionally matters a lot! Can we see something experiential where leadership as an art has been properly exhibited by all of them! Even Rishi Munis from India who have scripted spiritual scriptures like Vedas and Upanishadas or allied ones, all have portrayed experiential leadership by foreseeing things and due to that Leadership as a concept has been formulated as an artistic one! An art has always the terminology of heart involved in it and hence real time experience gained from consequences of life engages right expressions which make sense while acting with responses/reactions!

Using prophetic means do not help us in leadership but foreseeing things and then accordingly putting our coins always configure right perceptions! So before I mention the five elements important for inculcating experiential artistic leadership I want to define the same for all of you-

Leadership should become matured in such a manner where experience at every step should be counted as completeness where heart in it to live will make the same artistic! An artist needs emotional intelligence with passionate approach to look at things differently and the same is the case of the leader because then only the leadership secures that intrinsic value in the same!

Five elements/attributes inculcating this leadership-

1. Create Liveliness in experience at every step- At times, we consider life as dead cells and then liveliness gets lost and actually it becomes an essential factor because then experience is counted! Liveliness entails every small moment getting established as something bigger where consideration would be its success in enjoying it the way it is! You have to be analyzer more than judgemental!

2.  Showing compassion at every step for every being you meet- This is a hardening perspective because it has deliberate feeling of showing compassion for every being but believe me being a good listener helps here a lot! And empathy is second attribute here which supports to have a compassionate approach for every being! Keeping a good smile also can help here. Lord Shrikrishna always preached Lord Arjuna to have a compassionate approach and it was not just Arjuna but all Pandavas because of which they won over 100 Kauravas during the war!

3. Unique power of imagination(larger than life) to live life by considering every moment as the last best opportunity-

This is something where most of the people lack and hence to make experience enriching this is much needed. How this can be attained, by considering that our grief is not just the ultimate one to conclude as a wholesome life process and Happiness does not come frequently in everyone's life but can be achieved at every moment if imagination is dynamic where customization in the same according to the situation brings glory! Watching comic aspects always channelize our imagination. This is just one example and for expanding our own horizon of imagining things every situation teaches us but we must develop our approach the same way.

4. Approach of giving something special or unique everyday for yourself and then others and notify it somewhere to refer to it retrospectively whenever needed.- This is another challenging thing for the human being to develop as a habit! We all have tensions, worries, stress of many things but because of that in return' unique approach can get nurtured if we decide to look at it so! I always wonder how few luggage carriers keep a smile on their face at railway stations or at other places wherever they do the job of carrying luggage for people but still their quickness, efficiency, skillfulness all these skills are mind blowing! Similarly having this delightful approach can help people in developing uniqueness or something niche! Another approach can be how every living or non-living being can be refurbished and rejuvenated for the sake of giving it a meaning and it is possible, believe me! We are taking unnecessary authority to wrongly assume certain things but not authenticating our life with special attitude which can be given a thought of! People should start considering a bigger canvas for their own life first by forgetting the material means of living life and this will eventually give the right outcome.

5. Are you a passionate actor(heroism) of your own life who wants to shape up things out of intricacies with refined approach?- For this.... immediate question can be- Are you a born human being who has sensitivity and passion to lead life? I have seen many normal life heroes who deal with things in a space fabulously as small as a narrow public toilet in the train or flight! I am sorry to mention this but it is a reality! Our expectations make us stereotype human beings in life but in this situation we do not take into account the potential capacity of our own where brain and mind both come in the picture! There are many hardworking people who have come in the city like Mumbai in India where by having an ordinary livelihood they keep higher dreams and they do achieve it because they want to become real life heroes for themselves and others!And actually the kind of helping attitude they have...I can not see the same in a category of middle higher middle or  to even richest one! A real time passionate actor only can do this  and for that matter there is no need to be in Bollywood or such industry!

All the above aspects will nurture one's experiential approach with a matured state of mind and even life as an art will be realized phenomenally well in such cases. And not to forget; this way leadership fundamental will start becoming stronger as life makes you an artist irrespective of any modeled art!

So Experiential Artistic Leadership will give us self contentment in terms of living life as a leader and this will in return will solidify the affinity towards the whole society and the life as a meaningful concept! So friends, professionals, well wishers can we start building this one metaphoric but much seasoned practical concept of leadership which is called as EXPERIENTIAL ARTISTIC LEADERSHIP?

Let us do it now, life is short and current phase is making us realize a lot and this is the core period to enhance our intensity to be in the position of Experiential Artistic Leadership!

Have a great experiential journey ahead and an artistic salute to all!

Your Well wisher and Experiential Artistic Leader-

Amit Deokule

Life Balance Coach

Master Spirit Life Coach

Affiliated Member of CCA, Canada

Executive Leadership Coach at Marshall Goldsmith SCC and Musician

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