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How does procrastination affect the professionalism even after giving commitment?

Hello Everyone,


I have been writing my blog after a long time! However this time, I have come up with another interesting subject which may be bothering many and it is about procrastination & its impact on the professionalism where commitment also comes in the picture.

Why do we procrastinate even after we give commitment? May be because we postpone with an indefinite period without any reason OR We just want to delay it because we feel so OR because of some reasons OR something more to justify!

However in professional era, commitment and professionalism should go hand in hand and hence it is like you can not go on the street as a pedestrian with one footwear! Convinced?

But still we do it with some power in our hand to show that we are superior or we have something to prove or we do not want the other party to supersede few aspects professionally! However this becomes daunting pointlessly as who knows who behaves how and at what time and why in such fashion? It is possible that we do not have anything in mind but priorities change but then at this point right explanation matters a lot! However the misunderstanding may occur at this point if it is perceived by the other party whom commitment has been given but nothing is happening!

Here the way we say, leadership is a responsibility....procrastination is a liability...and commitment is a liable responsibility unnecessarily!

Why does procrastination get done???

Merely because of other priorities? Because of wrong attitude getting extended with the party involved in the same? Because of usual habit which has been developed so... for years together? May be because we believe in false definition of professionalism? Realization of taking wrong decision after giving commitment to someone?

How can it affect professionalism of the person procrastinating it???

Trust factor Attitudinal Hazards Risk of giving commitment Third perspective to look at growth Visionary Outlook and its deterioration

How can we resolve this???

Repairing our vision to look at our own commitment Promising treatment and behavioral pattern Evaluating  pre and post effects By not underestimating the other party with whom procrastination is getting extended Focused way of doing business and appropriate dealing Empathetic approach building where Karmic elements get proper justice if thoughtfulness plays its role in the first place

While concluding I shall say...." Do not forget when you test someone...the other will not because credibility is always for both the sides of the coin! "

It is like Sherlock Holmes does not investigate and Vijay Mallya all of a sudden becomes aggressive in defining values of the organization! OR the way always Manmohanomics and Modinomics get criticized by considering that there is always going to be huge difference between both! :-) :-) :-)

What is ideal for us? I have done a blunder by posting this blog with a little delay which can be defined as Procrastination but I did not want to break the commitment of writing the blog and that is why I have written it without any inhibition and have been trying to become conducive! :-)

Thank you all!

Yours Faithfully,

Amit Deokule Life Balance Coach/ Master Spirit Life Coach Executive Leadership Coach Affiliated member of CCA , Canada and Marshall Goldsmith SCC M.Com, Musician( Composer, Singer and Poet)

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