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How to keep commitments by putting it in process and increase your worth being a professional?

Hi Everyone,


It is observed that Human behavior is the most difficult aspect to gauge from situation to situation. We all agree that on the spot decisions are always crucial to arrive at but then human being is the only entity on this earth who can be very understanding as far as consequential effects are concerned.

We are the only entities who share with each with each other...commit each other...and such many things can be enumerated where association increases its flavor only based upon the commitment because that is the way where we can know each other's value.

However keeping commitment is challenging and it hampers the way people come in contact and break promises. In professional world also, it is volatile totally where it tends to depict unprofessional behavior and in reality which is not like mathematics and straight calculation.

Then can we put a process in this where commitment acts like a golden opportunity in the history of humanity. Because to shape it up appropriately one has to put it in process where although it is a fact that process can not be followed every time but looking at this chain breaking attitude...process in commitment becomes an integral part to get used to the promise keeping approach!

1. Keep reminders in your communication devices 2. Keep on having positive affirmation based upon not breaking good habits 3. Stay away from influential measures related to mindfulness which can change you in a negative way 4. Enhance your follow up process by streamlining your daily routine....or even change your habits which are hampering your dignity 5. Value the professional as an entity more rather than always being very calculative

1. - Reminder keeping as a process increases your way of being in your professional diary or personal diligently. We are used to technology and if it is not supporting us in time management then using the same will not help us. It is futile. It is one way to keep our commitments to different people in personal or professional world. 2. - We tend to talk about good habits more often but are we approaching them accurately where keeping it intact will reap the benefits exactly as expected? Attaching positive affirmation to the process of good habits will in turn deliver fantastic results. And so is the cause and effect in case of keeping promises and i.e. being committed. 3. - In our daily life we come across many people who can influence us more than anything else. The said influence many times is not a positive sign and hence sticking to our own thoughts become more challenging. One needs lot of courage to stick to his or her thoughtfulness. It is much relevant to commitment as a concept. 4. - Dignified approach in the professional world matters most. And for the said aspect, one's follow up process by streamlining daily routine helps the person in keeping the frame of mind intact and because it works like food for thought which in turn increases the authenticity of being committed to someone. Many people lack in maintaining their dignity and dignity does not just mean professional approach but it also means strings attached to one's behavior. Commitment and behavior are inversely proportional to each other and it establishes one's image in the long run personally and professionally. 5.  Value keeping is getting lost in today's time and it is because of everything calculative. We all blame each other for anything which goes against us at times and then conflict management becomes a barrier. This not keeping value kind of approach bothers a lot when commitment factor is not measured properly. So value keeping is the most precious human element.

Looking at the above aspects...I think it is easy to follow this process while giving commitment to someone and do not forget this works like magic where commitment becomes stepping stone in everyone's career path or professional life. This way even we tend to keep commitment to ourselves and our goals we have set in life where working with aims becomes the most remarkable coincidence in life.

Assume that you are committed to this whole earth and the earth in turn is giving you lot of positive energy! Yes it works. In law of attraction, commitment is the most important factor and it works fabulously when things come in contact like a magnetic effect. Commitment is a value or value is a commitment?....this question is like a tricky question because answer can have a multifaceted way of looking at it. However before I end up with this article , I want to ask all of you....if taste in something does not require commitment but it is a natural commitment.... then why we tend to argue on commitment when the commitment erupting our ego comes in the picture and everything then know what I mean!

Be committed! Be blessed with commitment!


Amit Deokule Life Balance/Master Spirit Life Coach @ CCA, Canada, Executive Leadership Coach @ MGSCC International coach recognition Professional Musician

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