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How to keep goodness intact while working in an organisation or in personal world???

Hello All,


It is difficult to be good as keeping one's energy positive is a task because of several behavioural patterns human being has! We differ ourselves in professional and personal environment deliberately many times for the sake of maintaining ethics of respective atmospheric essence but one should not forget that our mindfulness is our own asset which can get depreciated because of such a compromise we tend to do! Maintaining decorum of any professional place is not bad or even maintaining discipline in such an environment is not wrong and the same is the case which we follow in our personal world where mannerisms do not change but way of following them does make a change. However in all such modalities, one has a crucial task to do and i.e. keeping goodness intact in all such environmental occurrences!

In Spiritual doctrines...we read that how Godly personalities maintained their goodness throughout even though they faced many adversities due to some cunning personalities in front of them! However considering that we all will confront such adversities everywhere we go....what the challenges would be and how we can overcome them; is a thing to give a thought over, right? More than that assuming that adversities will always remain with us, how we can maintain our goodness in such circumstances; is a conviction to look at it! Increase observation and compassion in vision- 

We all observe things but because of our subconscious mind which shows lot of colours ; every person's capacity of observation defers but here if we can focus on our observation meticulously, it will surely help us in taking steps in moments more calmly and at the same time, it will also increase compassionate approach of looking at every situation differently where positive attitude will get cultivated to a larger extent after practising the same diligently! Good Observation enhances our understanding capacity to identify the situation. Practise Emotional Intelligence-

We all have emotions and it is an integral part of our mindfulness and we also possess intelligence but then even after having both the aspects, why we behave irrationally and in a falsifying manner! We may not have an immediate answer but then here we will need to break the normal way of looking at behavioural mirror of the human being because there is something called as emotional intelligence which can be developed only by human and that is why to inculcate goodness in us, this is the best practising tool we can have in both the areas i.e. professional and personal world. Wear an image of a Joker in our life where one will get to know the inner feeling of every person-

This is the most important role we can start assuming in our life. There are examples in my life where people around me keep JOKER as their Idol in life because it keeps their good emotion alive and they believe in this fact a lot. The way Joker makes us laugh but at the back of his mind when we try to know real facts we get to know that he is over poured with true emotions and he has more compassionate approach to look at life because of inner adversities he always fights with! So if we will try to understand the role of a Joker in one's life...we will surely increase respectful attitude in every respect! Always look down towards those category of people who struggle a lot in life and lead a more miserable life than us-

I am aware that this may not be a great way of assuming things in life but consider that every person is a human being irrespective of the situation in life and of course the status because this way every one of us will get a way to see the situation more wisely...let it be a professional life or personal one! Here also assume that we do not get everything in life but we can procure one thing in life based upon our developing approach of training ourselves and i.e. nothing but goodness in ourselves which has no limitation survive and to compare with. And hence looking down towards such a community of people who get things in life by struggling a lot. Once we will get to know the authenticity of this situational condition of a human, we will not underestimate anyone in life and that will keep our goodness intact. Experiment it and imagine the same....gradually one can surely analyse the severity of it. Have taste in some spiritual element according to our own belief-

Let us not believe in spirituality 100% but it is 100% sure that everyone has some taste in some element which is spiritual and it is his or her comfort zone which keeps on giving him/her courage to live life with confidence and that should be the ultimate core value to keep our belief system about humanity intact. Many times there may be incidences in our professional or even personal life where we may have behaved in a way which is not ethical so far as human values are concerned and it is not something to be blamed but considering that we all go wrong at some stage....believing in such similar spiritual values will add lot of strength in one's life and it will in turn help us in keeping goodness in the right manner.

All the above techniques can surely keep our goodness alive and proper. Life has to unfold many surprises in everyone's area of potentials and hence if we do not want to miss those moments of making our life interesting every opportunity has to be made good by considering that this is the last chance to make something precious and this reminds me of Steve Job's statement on the basis of which he lived his life very successfully and i.e. "Do everything as if it is our last working day in our life!" and this statement always encourages me, will it encourage you to keep goodness intact?  Let us be well wishers of each other  because this way positive energy will get spread radically and it will surge up the core value of everyone's life to lead it in the most excellent manner!

All the best wishes to all!

Regards, Amit Life Balance Coach Master Spirit Life Coach Global member of CCA Canada, Professional Musician

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