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How to lead a respectful artistic life and five important aspects of the same!

Hi everyone (All the unique artists),


There is a saying that the one who is living an artistic life is the most fortunate and happy person in his or her life. And exactly me being the artist, I felt like sharing my experience of my artistic journey through the article/blog.

An artistic era is a vast stream of current times where several avenues are open in the market but ultimately an artist has to maintain its zest in an unique manner and that is the biggest challenge in this competitive world of art. There are many artists who have put their impact aesthetically well and that is why they are legendary people. However my purpose of writing this article focuses on even a small mediocre artist who is struggling to survive at his or her best as per his/her choices of the life potentially because that is where everything will boil down to!

An artist is the person who understands aesthetics of respective art properly where revolutionary thoughtful vision becomes easily possible for him/her because of sheer passion where tangibility is decided by the artist every time with igniting mind on the basis of illuminating approach and this way service to the society through an art can shape up the meaning with sanctity and due to this every artist's targeted objective in life can be fulfilled in of the finest manners we can have!

To attain this level and achieve excellence being an artist what are the important five aspect we must possess? and those are as follows-

Before I write about it...I feel the artistic approach has to be in the most natural form always and in current times it is devoid of natural essence. In an artistic era, sustaining with a buoyant approach is a greater challenge and to put an impact is another tough element because of several channels which we have in the market. We must need "WOW"factor which displays "X" factor of any art through any artist at every stage of our artistic creation. Hence the five aspects make sense in present artistic field to gain the right goodwill and popularity!

1. Maintaining dignity being an artist- In the circle of life, everywhere dignity matters most where human element or value pips in! Now a days, this aspect is deteriorating because of monetary returns an artist has in the market. And because of that  quality has become the issue and monotony has taken place. Hence dignified approach alike professional world, is equally important here in an artistic aura.

2. Needs revival after every specific interval- Every artist who is trying to establish his or her footprints in the market will entail reviving or rejuvenating vision after every specific interval and it is much essential because of cut throat competition globally. May be because of several reality shows/channels/platforms we have via media, revival or even reincarnated approach will prove to be the most precious protocol.

3. Needs to have respect, concern while trying to be a great performer about everyone and the whole artistic fraternity-  The artistic fraternity does not only include big giants in this field but it also should include even the smallest ever artist who is working harder to prove his/her potential. And in today's world every artist is just after using the ladder of success in such a fashion where his/her life will be secured where fame game pops up and disturbs the whole environment around. Can it happen that some legendary person as per nature's law will show an interest in cultivating a good approach of art even in the smallest ever artist by taking additional time? I am sure we all will enumerate that we do not have time to look after that but ultimately if one small quote can make a difference in life then why not to treat the smallest ever artist as the best ever opportunistic quote where because of the extension of help by great artists, the global environment is getting refreshed!!! This is a wild imagination but then all those artists who have done something passionately have always done something for the world alike western artists or even other classical/semi-classical legendary artists of India and so on and so forth! So instead of categorizing and compartmentalizing....if we will have concern and respect about every artist following the trend then what miracles we will have being a performer can be definitely given a  thought!

4. Human and social element is the key towards ecstatic artistic journey- This is the most precious element which is like a key towards ecstatic journey of art! The framing of mind of every single is different and hence keeping humanism alive in an ecstatic way, one will require to contribute in a wholesome manner from the start of the journey being an artist. Being an artist even I have observed many people realizing lot of mistakes or blunders done  by them; at a latter stage of life when the incident has already occurred and now is little too late to confront these self actualization process. Any passionate artist needs that human element which eventually turns towards something which has a social angle dramatically well. We must possess these qualities being an artist. What about you??? Human this word contains according to me and i.e. Harmony, Unity, Mastery, Aim, Natural! Do we attain these qualities by remaining in the glamorous world?

5. Tending towards spirituality while being on the artistic path- Apparently when the present generation is thinking about the art, it is from a perspective where at the end of the day if they have maintained their celeb gesture, performer's glamour and wealthy returns with all luxuries then life's purpose is achieved but then question remains as to if there are many model examples about aesthetics of art in our spiritual doctrine then the question remains is; are we going to get attached to the cosmic power more or everything with earthly pleasures as the ending point? This is where our divine art will take a shape for being in the journey! So I feel that our artistic journey should always focus on the ideals and analogy or terminology on the basis of which we being unique artists will be remembered forever for our artistic deliverance! And this will be possible by focusing on spiritual element as per our envisioned attitude getting defined for our own welfare as an artist! I think the last element/aspect will decide the course of the action of every artist on their career path being an artist!

This way if the artistic journey will be taken in stride then every artist can have sky high growth where it will be a matter of remembrance for every audience who has experienced every art form. While being on the coaching an artist thinking about the five giving me lot of pleasure and genuine happiness because this way I have one percent of cosmic satisfaction that as a creative creature of this earth the nature has given me greater insight and I must use it for paying back to the nature where giver's gain will have its own divine essence/fragrance and infinite gateways will always remain open for an artist everywhere with every inclined universal purpose!

Are we ready to perceive the above aspects diligently? Are we ready to mull over them? Are we ready to digest them? Because then only smooth trajectory of artistic journey will be immortal truth of the life!

I am thinking over it,can you?  Just want to bow down in front of every artist on this earth with honesty and wish them a greater life ahead!

Enjoy your journey!

Best Regards,

Amit Deokule Executive Leadership Coach @ MGSCC, USA Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach @ CCA, Canada Professional Musician- Singer, Poet, Composer, Tabla player.

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