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Importance of Ethics and Protocols and five elements portraying unique framework of both!

Hi Everyone,


After a long time, I have been getting in touch with you through my own Soulomkar's blog.

The reason is such where because of Ethics & Protocols and its improper utilization in the external world around, I felt like writing little more as per my coaching experience so far!

There is no need to really state the meaning of the same (both the terminologies) but in an innovative manner it can be as follows-

Ethics depict your personal inner core and Protocols project professional/personal discipline in the outside world! Both are inter dependent and inter linked!

Ethics & Protocols are like roots & stem of the blossoming flower respectively!

Ethics and Protocols can be like Bat and Ball in the cricket where without that we can not hit fours and sixes.

Ethics and Protocols can be like Action and Reaction where depending upon that here it gets converted into positive or negative response as the case may be!

The major focus is; either of the concept and its under utilization or wrong usage or over powering can disturb the channel for which Ethics and Protocols are being directed to strengthen the framework!

However Ethics and Protocols are essential factors for any smallest every activity that the person does and then how organizations/firms/trusts can avoid this!!!!

I have seen many organizations not following ethics or ignoring them even after committing mistakes. In case of even one personal case, it is necessary or not.... to commit the mistake by accepting it! But our Ego is a very important factor in the mankind and hence such aspects are getting overlooked.

So here We can really check what can be those five elements portraying unique framework where blending of Ethics and Protocols will always give fantastic results-

1. Practicing goodness to the best possible extent as there can always be thin line between ethics and protocols

2. Knowing our behavioral limits and be prepared culturally to follow aspects situationally by giving proper justice

3. Increase response to stimuli by cultivating rational approach to every process and system we follow in our personal or professional life

4. Balancing professional and personal wheel of life in a way which will glorify performance and growth because ethics and protocols always derive hope rising moments...where discipline, transparency, openness, courage....all these aspects play integral role!

5. Always keep expression of gratitude alive and respectfulness for every being, situation/incident and its outcome!

Hence for the above aspects.....being complacent will not help but being grounded will always restore the karma theory in an assertive manner.

So let us all including myself rejuvenate our new ways and means to look at Ethics and Protocols because they can keep people together with so much of truthfulness, genuineness and preciseness!


Amit Deokule

Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach

Executive Leadership Coach at MGSCC

NLP Certified Practitioner/Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Musician ( Singer, Poet/Writer, Composer, Tabla Player)



Contact- 9881130358.

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