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Leadership, a self study based upon your own experiences with long lived benefits!

Hello All,

After becoming Certified Executive Coach , this is my first article which I am writing after a long time.

The present certification which I completed, it was based upon Leadership and relevant competencies. It was absolutely interesting where global vision has been captured through the syllabus. We as participants from 20 different countries enjoyed the same.

Leadership is a term where collaborative approach for helping oneself comes in the picture first and then it gets spread to other people where widening spectrum gets developed!

Leadership is a continuous process of introspection....where the leader needs to be vigilant while performing because it is said that the leader leads and hence the environment around always keeps a focus on the leader because it is expected that he or she should become the model example for others!

In a way Leadership is a journey of galaxy of real time experiences where that becomes the strength for one's life journey a professional one or personal one!!!!

Why does the Leadership a self study based upon your own experiences with long lived benefits?

There are four to five different aspects which actually stimulates this question in an answered way-

1. It provokes one's observational power 2. By experience it increases the understanding which needs lot of introspection 3. It gives energy to channelize own vision 4. It is a terminology which we use since childhood becomes long lived 5. It is a self actualization process because of diversified communities in the present world

1. It provokes one's observational power- The leader has to have an effective observation about what is happening around...because that works like a clue for him/her to think about next step/action while performing as a leader. Because of subtle observation he or she can fill in the blanks with proper thought process on the same! There is a saying that by keeping mum and just observing things  many times increases our inner power and exactly in return it gives the leader additional long lived benefit even in adverse situations because of the habit of observing things in the first place.

2. By experience it increases the understanding which needs lot of introspection- Understanding things or predominantly people...their choices and then making some changes always helps the leader. For making one good change, needs lot of introspection and sometimes the leader fails in introspecting things....! Once the strength in introspection increases automatically power of understanding things increases....! In an organisation....understanding people can be the masterminded plan where involving them in leadership activities gives a different shape to the whole process.

3. It gives energy to channelize own vision- We all are habituated to follow what we feel comfort with and if this is the fact then relating it to our vision in our professional or personal world may change the look out where it turns out to be the most channelized process to implement. We all have a vision but especially in the position of a leader...the said vision has to be channelized because this clarity itself drives the leader towards success. To be specific in professional is leader's crucial challenge to make people of the organisation to connect their individual visionary approach to the ultimate vision which makes sense when collectively several targets have to be achieved.

4. It is a terminology which we use since the childhood...which becomes long lived- This statement itself has lot of meaning hidden and i.e. it is said that when the child takes birth from mother's womb....enters the world depicts that the said child is a separate entity of his or her own world and there itself the journey of leading himself/herself starts. And hence it gives a sense of reclaiming that I was the leader...II am the leader and I shall be the same.....till the end of my life journey! This is a greater feeling and this shapes up our life process at every step with higher confidence because it lives long because of its characteristics of being in the position of the leader since the childhood. We don't understand the importance of the leadership during that period but invariably we keep working on ourselves like a leader. It can be enumerated as "Leadership quality is within and it is in everyone!"

5. It is a self actualization process because of diversified communities in the present world- Leadership is a concept where all are equal and qualitative because leadership does not have discriminatory aspect involved although it gives us the feeling of being discriminated because we never know what diverse background we are going to work in and then it becomes challenging for everyone to balance the leadership qualities in a diversified environment! In converts the whole process into self actualization where the realm of the daily life....projects that we are the king but in reality it is not because of different behavioral patterns and this is the stage where the king has to come to a stage of a common man whom his or her kingdom may be feeding but it is a reality that without these common people....kingdom can not be kingdom and the business of daily life can not be the business in true sense! Hence self actualization process always gives us courage to confront diversified communities and battling out any of them will be an easier task than ever! There is a difference between introspection and self actualization....! An introspection is a phenomena where everything is within where one has to be in his or her own cocoon to make things introspective. However self actualization can be done at every walk because of its simple element and i.e. what you see is what you self actualize to make it understandable! Self actualization is a process to be followed in professional world with some own commitment where further action plan has to be jotted down. However Introspection needs lot of personal commitment in seclusion!

In the above all aspects....the leader will require to do a self study....even if involving stakeholders/people from the organization is essential. Self study is always long lived although few external things like involving people in leadership becomes vital. Self study gives a leader an indication at every step ," Hey you are still a leader....! Wow this is nice....keep it up...still a long way to go as you don't know what lies ahead! Keep working....keep doing good....because till the end of the life may be professional or personal....a single day without self study will not provide good fruits!

Commonly Leader is remembered but we want the leadership to be remembered because of the fact that everyone is a leader! And if this is so then self study with a long lived approach will make lot of sense in carrying forward the legacy of leadership but not the leader!

Embrace leadership and cherish leadership because at this moment it is like we are celebrating leadership!

Thank you,

Amit Deokule Certified Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada Professional Musician M.Com- Master in Commerce

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