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Never Underestimate others or take undue advantage!!!- How to be true and fair to the best possible

Hello Everyone,


After a long time, I got in touch with you! Hope you all are doing fine! 

It is my observation that people are now a days underestimating the person in front of them by hook or crook. Or they are taking undue advantage of the other person! I do not want to mention about the ratio of the same and then arrive at the conclusion because even 0.01 percent of underestimation or undue advantage can spoil the humanly side of any person's story of life! Conveniently we have learnt to cover up or justify things because again we come down to choices in life! Our wants and needs make sense while talking about underestimating people or taking undue advantage of anyone! But the basic question being a human is- why do we do that even after knowing what is the matter of wisdom? Or is it nature's rule that we should do this? As there is an ideal example from the nature that if we gaze at many rose flowers at one go then we appreciate the beautiful picture but then while enjoying the beauty of the actual rose, we pay attention towards only two or three maximum, right? About underestimation or undue advantage it may be like that! But then because of that people fail in showing their actually able performance which is possible in every human's case! Potential and its identification is that is why necessary! Shivaji Maharaj from Maharashtra state is the best example of how not to underestimate anyone or even not to take undue advantage of people but pulling out best strengths of the people!  In the industry honorable Narayanamurthy-Sudha Murthy of Infosys and Ratan Tata are the best examples in such scenarios! I wanted to arrive at some concrete conclusion by thinking about ; how to be true and fair to the best possible extent while churning out things about underestimation and taking the undue advantage of any person! 1. Look at human as a capable human at every step 2. Believe in a philosophy of team building with different potentials 3. Look at only positive side of the story of everyone 4. Respect every entity and maintain that 5. Building good relations based upon factors which will support the right cause like how you can help someone in reaching to the right resource as every time it is not important to have your work getting accomplished with every person you are confronting.... 6. Put yourself into the person's shoes and imagine what would have been the scenario 7. Have empathy and the approach to understand people better 8. Always motivate the people with whatever wishes they have to accomplish rather than criticizing it 9. While having conversation with people, have it without any judgement.....but have faith that you are going to get connected with him or her diligently 10. Be a good listener for the people and just keep on expressing wherever necessary with a great gesture 11. Limit your wants and needs in front of people 12. Keep on inspiring them by giving a valuable gift or an appreciation letter or praise them in front of the audience with their true abilities The above are few steps which one can take where it will be a great sign not to underestimate people and take undue advantage. Right now, I want to be true and fair by ending here with the article because I am sure you are going to read it by respecting by efforts on writing and my skill as a writer! :-) Be great, be kind! Regards, Amit Deokule Life Balance and Master Spirit Life Coach Certified Coach Alliance Group, Canada Executive Leadership Coach Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching and Musician(Singer, Poet and Composer)

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