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What abstains us from doing something positive even after knowing how to execute the same???? Five M

Hi Everyone,


For last many days I had not written a blog and hence I came up with something where even my own example can be given where at times why we do not extend our positive outlook even after being aware that it gives us rational energy!!! :-) :-) :-)

Being positive has several meanings if we intend to take out those many! However to become positive it takes a toll! After meditating for so many years, Lord Ravana used his spiritual power to dupe or trouble people and hence there is something called as accident prone area or grey area which proves to be dangerous at times and hence it is inevitable to identify the same in our own personality since we all are not perfect but want to be appropriate to the extent possible! Hence working on those loopholes can help us in knowing where we get stuck with something negative in different situations!

The best example can be given of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who in a very short period of time made FB a platform where the whole world exists with apt presence and we can search for anybody in the universe! This digital transformation was possible due to tremendous positive outlook towards innovation and the best part is; even after getting bombarded with legal or professional allegations, he is confronting the same rationally and keeping his stake at his best with respect to FB where even we could witness that how rapidly he could take over Whatsapp and make it bigger and precious with demand and need both sailing in the same boat!

There are majorly few aspects which need to be stated over here when in situation, our own behavioral pattern abstains us from doing something positive even after knowing how to execute the same!!!!

1. Our own misconceptions or adamant pattern to prove something wrong

2. Our habit of non acceptance

3. Egoism is another important aspect to think of

4. Our approach of not making changes or getting confused without experimenting things and verify the results of every aspect with the same positive outlook

5. Keeping limited sense of Satisfaction where our own limited boundaries keep us demotivated

Our habits which have been getting continued for years together where when the stage comes to re-define the life process with different set of habit nurturing aspects, we fail to make that transformation just by sheet thought that it may not give us targeted results! Idleness/Lethargy, Ambiguity in thoughts, Falsifying image of our own life, Envying others or many such things get depicted through our own personality! There is another thing which is very important and i.e lack of focused life, lack of dreams/goals in life!

It is not viable to blame people who help you in having right approach for life! And getting confused is the best way to avoid doing things! The human being is that way very clever in showing other's impotency in ability but they do not realize that actually it is their inability!

Start with your own conviction and it is the best life achievement where no blame game gets played ever!

So if you agree, then open the doors which you were avoiding to enter into and let us start progressively by taking into consideration every failure which will come your way to face!

Me,too....have started working on it! not that me,too movement! Mind well....:-) :-)

Be not calculate...just experience and feel!


Amit Deokule

Life Balance/Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada

Executive Leadership Coach at MGSCC

NLP Certified Practitioner/Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Musician- Singer, Writer/Poet, Tabla Player, Composer

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