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Human Values, a far fetched phenomena?

Hi All,


For last five and half years, I have been working as a life coach and it is been a wonderful journey till now. I met variety of people and even they have enriched me so far as it is a continuous learning.

After meeting variety of people till date, I am of the opinion that Human value is still a far fetched phenomena! People will surely point out fingers at me but when somebody talks about human value one has to be equal, transparent and open to respond!

If we talk about the human from its origin then lot of things come in the picture where various religions, castes, creeds and communities are there in a diverse country like India. But when we talk about human value...all these concepts vanish and only one religion remains and i.e. Human as universal! 

Now the above is the ideal way of talking about human and its value but looking at the present scenario and the approach of people...human value and its configuration will change totally!

After practising human values for so many years and births...people carry fabricated smile, show attitude due to their intelligence, keep ego.....why???

There are lot of institutions for transforming people but what does transformation mean  and when does it occur? People get trained and the impact remains for a while and after which the normal behaviour gets depicted with many ifs and buts, what is the use then? 

When we attach the word Universal to changes the perspective because the whole human community comes within the periphery of the universal and it is a truth...but are we accommodating every being??? remains in the kitty. People portray themselves to be humans and measure value of others but not of themselves...but still can work on human values! No wonder....many Indians say that we live in a very simple community which accepts both the sides of the story where even negatives are allowed in that community! However if values are universal then uniqueness and versatility in human value has to be expected and exactly we lack in that .

Fortunately the person in front can recognise the authenticity of one's humanness and hence working on such a difficult terminology in reality and which it is like somebody who does not know about value and he or she is taking benefit of doubt for this concept; is a thinkable issue. IF we talk about anything universal then it has to be perfect and it has to be authentic truth. Human is a truth....human has capability to be a perfectionist but values differ and truth keeps on fluctuating from time to truth as a concept is the one IMPERVIOUS but truth as concept of digestion is difficult to pursue and therefore...there are conflicts....differences....scenarios like not tuning with each other ......where while talking about universal people still drop many people out of this universality! How can it be?

The real meaning according to me for human value is-

HUMAN- Harmonised Uniqueness Managing Aspiring Nomenclatures

VALUE- Valour Authenticity Lucrative Ubiquitous Enduring/Evolving

Extensions of Words in Value-

Valour- Emotional Intelligence

Authenticity- Identity with integrity

Lucrative- Gaining Social Momentum with pride

Ubiquitous- Natural Truth

Enduring/Evolving- Continuously impactful /leaving good memories OR Proving to be a great entity

The above meaningful extension may be difficult to perceive but human value as a concept is crucial to execute and hence we need to understand the above meaning as well.

In Vedas it is said that all beings on this earth are our friends but ironically have we perceived this concept fully if we want to spread a word of universal human values? If we do not like someone’s approach we dislike him or her by some way or other and it happens from the people who are working on human values, then what should we call them as???

Swami Vivekananda preached character building techniques as means of education and there itself value education was embedded in the minds of people quite well but as the time passed by and revolution started happening, human as a being started evolving as something on the basis of externally eclipsed things more than anything else and it is said practically that audio-visuals put severe impact on somebody and that deteriorates the conditions of mindfulness many times. In the community of animals no one will ask each other…where are our values on the basis of which we live our life but in the community of humans…something called as human value got established just by mere reflections of variety of people and their ‘n’ number of opinions on severally infinite perspectives. Otherwise human value as a concept should not arise but because of two sides of the coin this concept got evolved. In this kali yuga everyone is hovering around the competitive world and this competitiveness has affected human minds where not a single one is the exception. People want to gain popularity by working on some ethical concepts and want to make the terminologies like human value famous for the sake of making it so! This is a living fact and one will not accept but examples of Godly images like Saint Dnyaneshwar/Tukaram, Jesus Christ, Lord Shrikrishna are rare to find because of the comparison which is going on among people as to who will become a great human being???? Hence it will be crucial game in coming days to prove the humanity as a concept. Humanity is as natural as the nature and hence there is nothing to prove but all will require to activate their hidden humanly expressions which are already there within. Many people talk about compassion, love…etc. with full study but now only study is not sufficient and its implementation is more than precious because the one who studies these concept can take a revenge of somebody now a days or show lot of attitude by mere presentations of compassion and love!

Hence at the outset winning over human as a value is not that easy and it might take births because even those who are working on human values…God is looking at you…do not forget that and simply opting for this way will not pave the way for maximisation of good deeds! Remember, Value was not born before human but when human was born…there is something called as value took the place to outshine the human and hence always value will be supportive to the word human but this support will have to be extremely sacred and holistic! So to remove the feeling of “A Far Fetched” from the human value…one will require to go beyond his or her capacity to prove that Human value is memorable and it is cherishing with so much of immortality which does not come just by saying that we work on human values but by becoming a living model example of the current time!

Salute to all humans and all the best wishes for humans who will create good values for this whole community of humans!!!!

Regards, Amit

Life Balance Coach

Master Spirit Life Coach

Global member of CCA, Canada 

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