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Communication and its effectiveness irrespective of any language where five aspects play an integral

Hello All,

Communication, this process was born when we were born on this earth or before we were born…the process was in existence where the nature was very inquisitive in communicating with different beings and we as human beings….was the best ever communication channel because of which this process got glorified a lot by many as the revolution kept on happening.

Right now, by writing an article on this I am also in a way adopting some communication method to reach to you all and I am sure that once it will reach to you in one of the finest ways…then my journey of writing this article will flourish more and more.

In this article I thought it prudent to put such aspects in front of you which actually make the process very healthy and quite natural more than anything else. I always imagine that many spiritualists or Godly people like Jesus Christ, Lord Shrikrishna and such other personalities were used to have a very effective communication with all due to which they could win over millions of people and they are still remembered.

There used to have no difference between personal and professional communication to that extent or if it is there then particularly it has not been mentioned anywhere with peculiar enunciation. However our mindful brain can definitely extend the imagination to the highest possible extent to know how the communication could have been and how it should be now!

Charlie Chaplin used to communicate with people through his expressions, body language and overall actions because of which he used to make us laugh and that was the most crucial act of him ever where it can be one of the model examples of effective communication. Similarly platform may change but effectiveness always depends upon the utilization of one’s personal potential strengths with respect to the situation & its response.

After thinking a lot and working with many people till date, I could analyze that the important five aspects which I am enumerating here can be useful in our professional area wherever we are working irrespective of the language.


1. Honesty and Integrity paves the way for- There is always a hue and cry in organizations with respect to the honesty of the person or even what we call it as Integrity. Because of this, I have seen that the communication, too has the impact with a greater intensity. It is said that your mind & its impression cannot be hidden because it reflects what you are doing and who you are as a person and that is exactly proportional to your way of communication in the society or organizations wherever you work. Honesty has to be naturally existing within the person and if it is not there then it may lead us to hamper the process of communication. Many barriers remain as it is in our mindful personality and it shows when we communicate. Many times, just due to sheer hiding of a fact disturbs our communication process and then everything starts going wrong where the stage comes and we see ourselves getting stuck with some problematic situation. Instead clear and honest way of communication may create problems sometimes but then finding solutions on the same becomes more easier in such scenarios because our validity with respect to our integrity increases our face value.

2. Expressional Power especially our smile- Of late, I have observed that the more powerful our expressions are, more effective the conversation will be because of our expressive presence. Many times, people understand what somebody wants to say just by mere but fabulous expressions. If you are honest then your expressions do not hide what you want to say….and it is quite natural phenomena but now a days we are able to see how fabricated expressions we have on the face while interacting with someone!!!! Our attitude changes our expressions and that power becomes pale act all of a sudden due to some egoistic approach getting portrayed. Hence 0.01% of expressional change can be observed if we are perfectly on the track with respect to the communication! Smile also creates positive vibes in the atmosphere and hence fabricated smile can be made out or even true smiles can be judged and then accordingly people many times choose communication channels to adopt for!  You can imagine that you are in the office and just have entered the ambience where one of your colleagues come in front of you who is jealous of your position and then he deliberately gives you a smile which does not have that expected zeal and then you proclaim, “Early in the morning…I had to confront someone who hates me and his/her smile has passed on some bad energy…!” It triggers unnecessary power towards you and then you know what happens….! J Hence Expressional power makes a difference!

3. Convincing approach towards life- When we hover around the professional world, it does not restrict us to that because we all carry unwarranted burden of our personal life with us and then it affects our communication in professional atmosphere. We all are not the exception to this, right? Due to this sheer fact, one should start realizing that if we are convinced with why we are living on this earth then….everything will change positively! Many times I say that we must realize our own value of life in the first place because then there will be some spice or essence to live the life diligently! Communication is an act where our mindful brain always responds or reacts but while doing that our other thoughts in subconscious make the process smooth or hard as per the state of our mindful brain. So be convinced with your own life first and then get into your professional world because the frame of mind which you will carry that time will have lot of hold on every action of yours and so is the case in communication!

4. Passionate Conversational  Habit- This is the most effective way to adopt but at the same time the most crucial ever because passion is something which has to be found out from within….and for the person it takes many times the whole of his/her life to reveal that passionate quality! I may be exaggerating but it is a fact that passion solves many problems of our personality and it is a precious tool for communication. Communication is a process where there has to be an authenticity from the origin till the destination! To get habituated with passionate conversation, we will require to work on ourselves a lot because the same thing is going to decide our way of communication thereafter!  It is true that we all are not active communicators but many times passiveness is liked by many. However think of the same scenario and analyze if you have benefited out of this passive communication….!!! You may have benefited because being a listener changes the perspective at times but when we talk about communication as a process…it takes a toll to arrive at a positive conclusion of this process. Many great legendary speakers have this passionate conversational habit which has taken a birth from their original quality of doing something passionate in life and this has to be learnt from these people for sure.

Keeping human aspect alive- I always remember respected  Ratan Tata for his human aspect which he always kept alive and hence today also when I think of Tata group…I think of only Ratan Tata and likewise there are many people for whom he is an inspiration in the industrial world. The reason is simple and it is; he was a great human being although he owns such a large empire like a monarch! I have seen that wherever there is a lack of human aspect, things become pernicious and the days comes where appeasement becomes impossible to have during that situation. Why is it so? Because of lagging behind with human element where at every stage of your communication with someone, it really helps us a lot! So keeping human aspect alive; is like carrying natural legacy ahead with a rational approach in life. This principle is very applicable in one’s professional life as well. I have observed the management philosopher Marshall Goldsmith when he speaks…he has a human aspect and I have also experienced his way of taking notes where I had received one email from him acknowledging my thoughts and song which I had sent it across. I was not really expecting that he will write back to me but when I received his email, I was overwhelmed with his kind hearted approach. Hence to keep communication healthy this last but very important aspect should not be forgotten and i.e. human aspect liveliness…! It changes the periphery of one’s communication process and angle everywhere.

So now we all should find ourselves perfect in our positions to follow these aspects. I still learn a lot by adhering to all the above aspects and it gives fantastic result…! I am the one who has lot of trust in this because right now I am communicating with all of you with only one feeling in mind and i.e. I want to be a good communicator in days to come and because of you all, I can do that! Hats off to you all! Enjoy your daily communication! Write to me as well at

Thank you! 

Amit Deokule

Amit Deokule

Life Balance Coach

Master Spirit Life Coach

Global Member of CCA, Canada

Professional Musician

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