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Indications of a good leadership and its validity, measurable or not?

Hello Everyone,


We all talk about leadership now a days as it has become a vital concept in the competitive world where comparison bothers us a lot!

We all admit that leadership is a measurable concept and by its implemented form it becomes visible. However one question always remains as to what is good leadership and its validity?!

But then to make it valid and more transparent, there are few aspects which pop up exponentially and they are as follows-

1. People remember you as a person positively and your presence was felt-Magnetic elements in your personality resonate risk taking approach and critical analysis in a way where they become authentic. 2. Team is getting benefited and more often the team demands value addition through your leadership skills or they utilize your skills for themselves being leaders at their position- Although we do not know about exact existence of Godly images stated in our spiritual doctrines but one thing is sure that after reading out the same, we always get channelized because of their able stories which proved to be model examples. That is the reason why Lord Rama or Lord Shrikrishna are remembered forever. Even in reality, the examples of freedom fighters, Swami Vievekananda, Mahatma Gandhi are still being given and many such more. 3. Proper Discipline is getting followed by the people at ease under the able guidance of your leadership-Stewardship is not an easy task and through leadership you can make it possible. Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln,  Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Narayanmurthy etc. are few examples of disciplined leadership. You can follow compassion while following discipline. All legendary people followed compassionate attitude about others but did not keep any attitude in real terms at any point of time.  4. Feed Forward becomes easy when feedback is valuable and mostly your problem solving zeal makes you greater leader- In any field feed forward is important and in leadership it plays an integral role. Feedback keeps you motivated as a record but feed forward entails immediate resultant outcome which directs your energy for next challenges to come. So Feed forward notifies higher importance. 5. Executing the principles of your leadership everywhere as if they are accredited/stamped- We all read books and leadership is enumerated as a fact via many books till date. However implementing the principles can't  happen always even though we read them. But good leadership can have that ability of execution...making it into application!

Once we can traverse through all these above aspects, we can get a good effect of leadership which becomes visibly measurable. The most important thing is; how you confront the scenarios. Hence leadership becomes measurable through actual stories and real time examples which can get validated by groups at large after execution only and that is very much feasible in leadership with sincerity,dedication and integrity!

So want to make real stories? want to put a prolonged impact? want to have a greater presence? want many to follow you? want remembrance? Let us have good leadership in days to come!


Amit Deokule Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach International Coach-CCA, Canada Executive Leadership Coach Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Professional Musician BNI Member of TRIKAYA, East region Pune MCCIA Members

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