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Your thoughts make your life? Five aspects to enrich your thoughts!

Hi Everyone,


We are meeting after a long time through my blog/platform....!

"I am happy to connect with you after a long time!" This sentence has energized me a lot because it was a thought and I did extend it by expressing because it has positive energy, right? Likewise how many times our thoughts really make our It is a question because actually our ideal and rational thought process lies in small moments which we must make them stronger day by day!

Our values...the place we are born...the company in which we spend our time...cultivate our thought process and education is an effective tool to support the courage to confront the outside world! However everything depends upon mindful thoughts and its situational execution!

Five aspects to enrich your thoughts-

1. Take everyday as it comes but with full positive force! 2. Associate yourself with empathetic approach! 3. Learn emotional intelligence while sharing with anyone! 4. Introspection is the key! 5. Always have futuristic view without comparing own life with anyone!

Take everyday as it comes but with full positive force! - Everyday is new life and we all know that but do we consider the same way?; is a question..... We dislike many thoughts everyday and it is a common perspective but then the question is; is our thought process common or uncommon where under the category of uncommon we must have out of the box approach to look at everyday! Past always pesters us but pestering is always looked upon as if it is a sinful act! We all know law of detachment but it is crucial to implement and that is why positive force is essential while considering everyday! I always question how Lord Rama considered the day when he was banished from the kingdom! How Lord Arjuna took time to understand simple theory of doing real duty! Steve Jobs summoned up courage to go though adversity but considered everyday very passionately. How Vijay Mallya takes the day as it comes! :-)

Associate yourself with empathetic approach - Empathy is the most precious ability of every person and it is difficult process to achieve and it is considered so by many! But it is an easy process if we increase our understanding to know people and their issues! Enriching thoughts can be possible through empathy because it puts to test our real mindfulness sometimes...since mind is the most unstable element of every being! The best example is of our prime minister Narendra ji Modi who has cultivated an empathetic approach due to which he could could implement lot of measures of the country diligently which were within the purview of social laws to protect the country! Also Shivaji Maharaj was also one of the best leaders to show his heroic deeds empathetically! Five Pandavas were also one of the best examples about empathy and may be even Ratan Tata, an ideal entrepreneur or Mr and Mrs. Narayanamurthy of Infosys!

Learn emotional intelligence while sharing with anyone! - Emotional Intelligence is another challenging phenomena in current times to deal with because of the stress which is mounted everywhere due to high competition...high comparison....and many such factors! It is really spoiling our thought process but alike Lord Shrikrishna or even Saint Tukaram Maharaj who had transformed their thought process via route of emotional intelligence! So orienting ourselves to learn emotional intelligence is important where understanding the situation, person, subject and likewise focusing on making the present more assertive is a skill of enriching thoughts!

Introspection is the key! -  Introspection is nothing but mulling over some issues which have to be converted into rational decisiveness by analyzing, examining, re-verifying, correcting thoughts of the mind! We always lack in introspection and hence the ability to assess the situation always falls weak and hence it is vital to introspect at every step. Kauravas from Mahabharata never introspected and hence the defeat was usual for them. Ravana from Ramayana was so confident  about his conviction that even after meditating a lot his behavior never changed and it resulted into a big loss to lose the life!

Always have futuristic view without comparing own life with anyone! -  We tend to compare ourselves with many aspects everyday and that has a wrong impact on any process in general! Focusing on what has occurred and changing it will not suffice to live ideal life process but changing the future from the past mistakes can definitely work! Because of this our present state always gets enlightened! Lord Shrikrishna had a foresight and because of which his thought process was enriching. Chalie Chaplin was a comic actor but his vision about humanity was so strong it seems ( by some references) that he set an example in front of the world! Few of his quotes are really inspiring! Future prospects have to be increased now and it is an integral part because of the wrong culture which is getting developed/established!

What is Love and Logic and i.e. nothing but the process of thought at every step as per the situation. And hence conditional or unconditional if someone can understand the value of thoughts then life will be more dynamic!

So friends, are you finding yourself stuck in love and logic....? Actually it is good! So be great and be kind by thoughts because it is the way towards pure execution as a life process to live to the extent possible!

Blissful Joy,

Regards, Amit Deokule Life Balance Coach Master Spirit Life Coach Executive Leadership Coach Affiliated member of CCA, Canada and MGSCC Professional Musician 

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